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Slidin' with Creativity

Visual Communication


To conceptualize and create a poster

and brochure that’s appropriate for the Singapore Design Week 2019.

This project is for school assignment purposes.

All contents done and copyrighted by me.

The concept of the project is ‘Design Playground', to show that design and creativity is fun, playful and colorful. A water playground is used, as playground shows the fun and playful element. Colourful elements are shown by usage of water playground as there are splashing going on, and it’s pretty similar to the colour run concept, when you go in clean and out filled with colours. This is to bring across the message that there’s no limit to creativity.

The slogan, 'Slidin’ with Creativity’, came from a wordplay with “working” with creativity. Instead of ‘working’, it’s replaced with ‘slidin’ as my design consists of multiple waterslides. This complements the aim of Singapore Design week, to showcase designers and the endless boundary of creativity, there’s no limit to how creative one can get, and creativity is fun and playful. When slidin’ with creativity, the slides will eventually lead you to the common pool, where it’s filled with creativity juices/elements. It also enhances the point that creativity and design make life more fun for designers and their viewers.


For the second part of the project, I designed a pull open brochure where it opens from a small square to a larger square, showing the details of the event. The action of opening up the brochure shows the slides sliding into the event details.

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