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Science of Happy

Social Content Series

AIA's Science of Happy is a social content series that leverages science to educate followers on ways to live healthier, longer, and better lives. 

Work done in collaboration with a copywriter.

AIA uses social media to spread its brand promise of promoting holistic wellness and motivating people to live better. To amplify AIA's brand position, we created a content series that helps followers use science to discover how to achieve holistic wellness.

Using chemicals as a focal point, we explored their release and ways to activate or lower them for optimal health.

Our goal was to educate followers about their own bodies and provide advice on achieving holistic wellness. 

To tie the posts together as a series, we identified the key chemicals to feature and created a visual identity for the Science of Happy series. The bright and colorful visual system was designed to lift moods while still incorporating elements of science. By providing engaging and informative content, AIA was able to position itself as a leading brand in the wellness space while educating followers on the science behind living happier, healthier lives.

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