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OCBC 360 Account 

Creative Campaign

OCBC 360 is a creative campaign that aims to raise awareness of the attractive interest rates offered by this savings account and increase acquisition of account openings. With the 360 Account as its main focus for the year, OCBC Bank aimed to drive increased page visits and account openings.

Work done in collaboration with a copywriter.

To showcase the high interest rates achievable with this account, we developed a creative concept that portrayed growing wealth without much effort. Our objective was to market the product as fun and approachable, emphasizing that customers could focus on having fun while their money grows.

Our creative concept centered around building blocks, with each category assigned a distinct color and represented by daily living elements. By visualizing the ways customers could build their own interest rates, we showed them the rewards they could achieve.

The assets rolled out on social platforms were highly successful, resulting in the highest amount of acquisition in a month thus far. The building block concept effectively communicated the benefits of the 360 Account, positioning it as an attractive option for those looking to grow their wealth effortlessly.

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