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No!! Don't Touch

Visual Communication


A 3-part project that aims to educate children on child sexual abuse through board games, infographic and information guide.

Child sexual abuse is more common amongst us than we know and are usually unreported and unknown due to family reasons. Despite that, we should encourage victims to speak out, and educate their parents about these situations. 

This project is targeted for children aged 6 – 12 years old and parents.

This project is for school assignment purposes. All contents done and copyrighted by me.

No_ Don't Touch.png

Part 1: Infographic Poster

NO!! DON’T TOUCH! infographic poster aims to educate the audience on child sexual abuse, and the statistics of sexual abuse cases.

It also shows the symptoms of child sexual abuse and the outcomes from the incidents.


Part 2: Illustration Booklet

NO!! DON’T TOUCH! is a 12-page guide that aims to educate children about sexual abuse, with topics related to good and bad touches and private parts being mentioned. There are also measures for children to take when they are in uncomfortable situations or think they are experiencing sexual abuse.

In addition, the booklet consists of information for teachers & parents, educating them on how to respond to these situations. Being catered to children, the booklet is kept graphical with little written text, making it easier to understand and absorb. 

The final part of the project, I came up with an educational resource which can be played in school, for children to learn about child sexual abuse. Due to the young age of my target audience group, I feel that board games will be a suitable way to engage and educate them. With a fun activity, they will be able to enjoy playing and absorb information at the same time.

Part 3: Board Game

Get Home Safe! is a board game that allows up to 6 players, consisting of a board game, game manual, 6 different characters, 4 sets of cards and a dice. 

In the game, there are 3 different routes which can be taken by the player via a throw of dice - The Stranger Path, The Family Path and The Familiar Path. Each path takes the player on a different journey with unique activities catered to the theme.

The game manual consists of information and instructions on how to play the game.

Board Game Box.png
Cards & Board.png

With relevance to the second part of the project, the illustration booklet, the cards ask questions about what was mentioned in the booklet, to trigger the player’s memory. Each set contains 12-16 cards, with a series of questions, action cards, and punishment / reward cards. Upon completion of card, the player either advances or steps back in the game. 

The four sets of cards’ categories are:
The Family Path – Questions related to close family members
The Familiar Path – Questions related to adults the player is close to (e.g. Teachers, Uncles)
The Stranger Path – Questions related to unknown strangers
Q&A Cards – Generic questions relating to illustration booklet and general knowledge.

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