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Jack and the Beanstalk

Editorial Design


A typography project to redesign the book cover of a classic novel. The book allocated to me was Jack and the Beanstalk.

We were tasked to research and explore various key takeaways we had from the book and redesign the cover based on our perspective of the book’s narrative. In this design, I wanted to portray the courage of Jack and the opportunities he encountered.

This project is for school assignment purposes.

All contents (excluding the story) done and copyrighted by me.


Book jacket contains cut-outs of the book title and the castle, showing a form of curiosity by the act of  having a sneak peek into the book cover. Jack as he was curious if the beans worked, where the beanstalk led up to, and that gave him a form of courage to go forth the actions he did. There are also reviews of the book written. 

Book belt contains details about the book’s design concept, as well as the famous quote from Jack and the Beanstalk, said by the Giant. The beans on the belt show motion within them, which portray how Jack managed to chance upon opportunities - by having luck from motion of an external force and himself. 

Book cover is a maze, representing the opportunities he was opened up to throughout the book, and how the opportunities led him to solve a way out of his family’s situation of poverty.


Within the maze consists of the book title, and elements from the book - Jack, the Giant, Giant’s Castle, Golden Egg, Hen, Harp, Leaves, Beanstalk and Beans.

The book is hand-stitched with kettle stitch binding and a maze game is enclosed within the book.

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