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Haw Par Villa

Zine Publication


To respond to a specific location in Singapore, expressing its uniqueness through an abstract graphic form.

This project is for school assignment purposes.

All contents done and copyrighted by me.

I chose Haw Par Villa as the location for my project as it is unique to Singapore, rich with Chinese history, but a location very under-rated, even by Singaporeans.

After a trip to do some research at Haw Par Villa, I concluded that the Ten Courts of Hell is the main attraction of the site. Secondary research of Ten Courts of Hell / Haw Par Villa made me found out that many are afraid to visit due to the graphical statues there are, and some might find it uncomfortable.


From there, I wanted to focus on the effect that Ten Courts of Hell gives visitors, tapping onto the creepy eerie vibe, to create an abstract zine of hallucinations and making it trippy. 

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