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Social Content Series

#HappyHolidAIAys is a unique content series that celebrates the

spirit of Christmas while promoting holistic wellness to followers.

Work done in collaboration with a copywriter.

AIA, a mentor in the wellness space, wanted to remind people to live healthier, longer, and better lives during the festive season. To achieve this, we developed a series of engaging and educational social media posts that aligned with AIA's brand pillars: Physical Wellness, Mental Wellness, Environmental Wellness & Financial Wellness.

To differentiate this series from usual always-on content, we established an overarching theme and distinct visual direction inspired by Christmas gift tags. The visual templates used across all posts featured different shapes to house our main visuals, while elements were added to the outlines to enhance the Christmas vibe, complete with the #HappyHolidAIAys lockup.


We utilized various execution formats and social platforms, including statics, IG Reels/TikToks, and animated videos. In addition, we hosted giveaways using riddles and quizzes to engage followers and increase participation. Overall, the #HappyHolidAIAys content series successfully positioned AIA as a leading brand in the wellness space, while spreading holiday cheer and promoting healthy living.

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