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Gwyn Bubbleglow

Editorial Design


Design a book based on an interview

with a classmate. 

This project is for school assignment purposes.

All contents done and copyrighted by me.

Based on an interview with a classmate, I decided to write a book about a fictional world based on a childhood game my classmate was obsessed with. The game, Pixie Hollow, sparked her interest in drawing and got her into choosing graphic design as her field of study. With that passion, I decided to translate it into a book. 


This book is a diary of a Pixie, and is set to be in Pixie Hollow, a world filled with Pixies and fairies. The Pixie, Gwyn Bubbleglow, was created by my classmate, and in this book, she is her own character. The book goes through different days of Gwyn in Pixie Hollow, from the first day till the very last day when the game ended. At the end, there is a little insert for her creator, like a final diary entry thanking her creator for bringing her into the world of Pixie Hollow. 


The book is handstitched with Japanese stab bindery, to mimic the intricate details of the Pixie wings. Throughout the book, the colors revolve around the seasons, from bright reds to warm browns, and ending off with greys, to show the change in mood due to the death of the game. 

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