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Basking in Baskerville



A typography project on the typeface Baskerville.

This project is for school assignment purposes.
All contents done and copyrighted by me.


The first part of the project was to come up with a fictional exhibition for Baskerville, work around

the typeface variations and come up with motifs.

The requirements of the project were to design posters with 3 different criterias:

1. Black & White
2. White & 1 Color
3. White & 2 Colors


The second part of the project was to select 1 poster from the 3 done, amend and explore further with the theme.

A set of 10 cards are to be created, which could be hypothetically sold or given away as souvenirs for exhibition attendees. 

In the set of 10 cards, I had a variety that demonstrates 
1) quotes about Baskerville,
2) interesting macro shapes of Baskerville, and
3) information of Baskerville as a typeface.

To further the project, I did a perfect-bound book with contents of Baskerville. 

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