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About Me

TLDR: My creative goal is to create content that blow minds and take breaths away, instead of wasting six seconds and pressing 'skip'.

Hello! I am Jamie, a multidisciplinary designer with over two years of freelance and internship experiences.

Graduated from NTU with a Bachelor of Arts in Design, I have experience in graphic design, media art and interaction design. Alongside my Diploma education in Business, I explore the creative possibilities of marketing, people and design.

Being a user-centered designer, I drive design solutions and campaigns that address current societal and cultural issues. I believe in using critical design thinking to conceptualize ideas that's aesthetically pleasing while being meaningful, experiential and impactful. Living in the digital age, I seek to design integrated and immersive experiences with print, interactivity and multimedia works.

Apart from design, I enjoy spending quality time with my dog and crafting polymer clay accessories over at COCORATO.

Download my resume here!

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What I do

Art Direction

Visual Design

Design Thinking

Content Creation

User-Centered Design



Editorial Design

Motion Graphics

Interactive & New Media

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