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A, I Ask You

Social Content Series

The My AIA Sg app offers customers a one-stop solution for their financial, health, and wellness needs. However, with so many functions available, customers may not know how to fully utilize the app. To address this, we created a video guide based on commonly asked questions from customers.

To make the video more engaging and fun, we gamified the experience instead of creating typical"How to" guide videos. Our character navigates through a space where elements of the 'My AIA SG' app appear when required. Each video answers a question, and as the character progresses through each level, they gain a better understanding of the app's functions and features.

AIA's content series, A, I Ask You, is a customer-focused initiative that provides guidance and answers to common questions.

Work done in collaboration with a copywriter.

This innovative approach proved successful in helping users navigate the app and find what they needed. By providing engaging and informative content, AIA was able to position itself as a customer-centric brand that values user experience.

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